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MPE Equipment Services Staff

Russell McAlister

Russell McAlister | CEO

As Sales Manager for our Missouri branch in Moberly, MO., and with over forty years of experience in the heavy-equipment industry, Russell McAlister is acquainted with virtually all aspects of construction machinery.  He knows what various makes and models of equipment require, and he knows best how to facilitate shipment of replacement parts to clientele.  Need advice?  He’ll get you the answers.  Need replacement parts?  Just call him.

Brian McAlister

Brian McAlister | Sales Manager, Iowa Branch

Brian McAlister is the Sales Manager for our Iowa branch in Bayard, IA. Like his counterpart, Russell McAlister, Brian is likewise conversant with virtually every type of heavy equipment on the market. Having been a part of MPE Equipment Services since his early twenties, there are few problems with which Brian is unfamiliar, and fewer requests he cannot fulfill.

Brad McAlister

Brad McAlister | Service Manager, Missouri Branch

Like his counterpart Andy, in Iowa, Brad also grew up in the heavy equipment industry. As a result he brings to his work the same competence, the same confidence and the same good humor necessary to get through the most difficult or stressful of situations. In addition to his highly envied mechanical skills, Brad is also a fully-certified welder and a first-rate fabricator. Whether it’s changing-out a fuel pump on an articulated dump truck, running the rack on a Cummins diesel, dangling from the red iron or restoring a gravel dredge to full operation, no task is too big – or too little – for this man with the “Show Me” attitude of his home state.

Andy McAlister

Andy McAlister | Service Manager, Iowa Branch

Having grown up within the industry, and having always taken a keen interest in all things mechanical, Andy McAlister is among the best of Service Managers in the heavy equipment repair business. Whether working on the shop floor or on a machine stranded somewhere in the Dakotas, Andy McAlister brings to his task the honest professionalism of a man who is confident because he is competent. (And he also harbors a mischievously biting wit.)

Patrick McAlister

Patrick McAlister | Service Manager, Iowa Branch

No one at MPE Equipment Services brings more experience to the repair and service industry than does Patrick McAlister. With over 40 years of knowledge derived from both hands-on work and in-class training, Patrick is clearly one of the top “go-to” men in the business. If he is not personally supervising a repair job, he is doing it himself. And if he is neither supervising others nor doing it himself, it is because he is on the phone helping clients long-distance. Indeed the only complaint we have ever heard about Patrick McAlister is that others cannot keep up with him and his over-the-top work ethic. (And that, upon reflection, is less a complaint than a compliment.)

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